Course Catalog

Heavy Vehicle Crash Investigation

This three-day training class is designed for the advanced technical investigator and/or Collision Reconstructionist seeking to understand the advanced techniques needed for reconstructing heavy vehicle collisions. Upon conclusion of the class, the student should be able to evaluate a heavy vehicle's ability to stop, reconstruct a heavy vehicle's axle weight, calculate a dynamic vehicle rollover threshold, extract data from Heavy Vehicle Event Data Recorders, and follow the proper procedures for post-crash inspections. Completion of this class should better prepare the student to investigate heavy vehicle collisions and be successful in courtroom presentations.  

Eligible for 21 ACTAR CEUs

Pedestrian/Bicycle/Motorcycle Crash Investigation

This three-day program is designed for traffic crash investigators who require additional training in the pedestrian/bicycle/motorcycle field. During this training the traffic crash investigator will learn to identify and interpret physical evidence specific to these types of crashes.

Lamp and Tire Post Crash Examination

This 8-hour training addresses the importance of vehicle lamps and tires as evidence in traffic crashes.  The traffic crash investigator will learn to recognize and interpret lamp and tire evidence and evaluate its importance in a traffic collision.   

In addition to classroom instruction, practical exercises will be used to give you “hands-on” experience.

Synercon Technologies Certification

The Synercon Technologies training is conducted over two days and, upon completion, the student will be able to download a heavy truck's Electronic Control Module (ECM) using the Forensic Link Adapter (FLA) and then upload the data using the TruckCRYPT software. Students will receive a Forensic Training Group and Synercon Technologies certificate upon successful completion of the training.

Note: Depending on the needs of the user, specific training can be tailored to your requests.  Eligible for 14 ACTAR CEUs.

Virtual Crash (VCrash) Simulation Software

VCRASH simulation training is conducted over three days to give the student the ability to utilize the Virtual CRASH software to analyze traffic crash collisions.

Virtual CRASH is used to simulate motor vehicle accidents, as well as pedestrian impacts, in full 3D.  It can also be used to draw scale diagrams, build and manipulate 3D models and terrain environments, and create stunning and incredibly life like high definition animations. 

Topics Included: Background and Basics of Simulation Analyses in Traffic Crash Investigation,  Vehicle/Object Construction, Basic Sequences and Simulation Control, Importing Measurements and Diagrams,  Modifying Vehicle, Simulating and Analyzing Collisions.

Eligible for 19 ACTAR CEUs.

Basic Traffic Crash Investigation

This three-day program is designed for patrol officers who frequently respond to traffic accidents.  Officers will learn how to conduct thorough on-scene investigations and properly document evidence for follow-up by an traffic crash accident if additional analysis is required.  This class will be fast paced and field intensive.  Students will demonstrate practical skills during numerous hands-on exercises.

Topics Included:  Traffic Crash Scene Management, Identification & Collection of Physical Evidence, Field Measurements, Scaled Diagram Preparation, New Vehicle Technology, Basic Speed Estimates, Basic Photography, Field Exercises

Momentum Analysis in Motor Vehicle Collisions

Momentum Analysis in Motor Vehicle Collisions is a three-day technical training course for advanced collision investigators.  The class is designed for the advanced technical investigator and/or ACTAR accredited Reconstructionist who wants to fully understand the principles of momentum without the use of situational formulas.  Upon conclusion of the class the student should be able to derive momentum formulas based on the dynamics of the crash, understand and perform vector sum analysis, and have a better working knowledge of post-impact drag factors.  Completion of this class should better prepare the student to investigate motor vehicle collisions and be successful in  courtroom presentations. 

Microsoft Excel Formulas and Functions for Traffic Crash Reconstruction

This 3-day class will concentrate on the Microsoft Excel formulas and functions that pertain specifically to traffic crash reconstruction.  The student will learn basic functions of Excel to create formulas useful for solving crash reconstruction problems.  The student will also learn to use Event Data Recorder (EDR) data to create charts for visualizing the information in graph form to aide in understanding and explaining the data. 

Customized Instruction

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